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Portrait Sculpture Workshops

Join one of my portrait making workshops and learn how to model a full-size clay portrait. 

  • Work from a life model.

  • Discover how to take measurements to position facial features.

  • Receive personalised guidance and tips

  • Be in a class of no more than 7 participants.

  • Connect with fellow creatives and have fun!

Upcoming Workshops

Paul Wuensche.JPG

Paul Wuensche

Andrian has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he wears lightly. He’s very good at adapting to different levels - beginner to advanced, and gives everyone as much attention as they need. All in all the class was welcoming and extremely fun. I’d do it again.

Virginie chardon.JPG

Virginie Chardon

Andrian has a methodical way of teaching that allows each participant to progress at their own pace, while ensuring that everyone understands the complex techniques of sculpture. The venue chosen for the classes, an old school in Yorkshire, was truly inspiring. Bright and spacious, it provided a perfect setting for creativity.

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